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Our custom-built amps are completely hand-built. Every component is individually selected for optimal performance. Starburst Technologies, Samsung Business Platinum Level partner, DirecTV For Business. There are many options available, including Custom built amplification examples: RF Amplifiers, Bipolar Amplifiers, Built-in Detector Amplifiers, Coaxial Inline Amplifiers, GaN Amplifiers, Pulse and Data Amplifiers, Filter and Switch Assemblies – 8-27 GHz Switched Filter Assembly – LO Distribution Assembly – 4-10 GHz 10 Pole Switched Assembly LO Modules and Clocks  – LO Module in VME64 Module with Clock and Built In Test (BIT) – RF Synthesizer LO Modules with built in Reference Oscillator IF Signal Processing Amplifiers, Microwave and Integrated Microwave Assemblies. Custom Solutions-Wikipedia Covering the Commercial, Military Residential & Industrial markets. The RF chain – SSPA Solid-state, Traveling tube, HPPA Power Amp, Pulsed, Filtered, Rx/Tx, Adjustable, Broadband High Gain dB Power watt Amplifier. SAMSUNG TV Hospitality Channel – Guest Room Technology – DIRECTV B2B integration. Custom to your system requirements such as difficult environmental conditions: vibration, shock or altitude. Specialty custom products for a wide variety of applications and specializing in communication systems-Wikipedia


Custom Amplifier – Wideband – Broadband – Extended – Amp

Military Satcom HPAsWikipedia
Full range of HPAs suitable for military communications applications, including a highly-efficient, 600 watt peak power Tri-band TWTA and a range of X-band products – Pulsed Products – Millimeter Wave – Transmit/Receive Modules and Subsystem – X-Band Transmit – Receive (T-R) Subsystem – 9.5-10 GHz Transmit – Receive (T-R) Module. Communications / Data Link Products – DLVAs/SDLVAs – Gain Shape Linearizer Amplifiers – Limiting Amplifiers – Tri-band (C-, X- and Ku-Band) or single band configuration up to Ka-Band.  We can provide custom designed and tested products with additional non-standard features and operation over the full military temperature range.


Power CouplersWikipedia
Power couplers provide the vacuum and thermal interface between the evacuated super conducting cavity, which is typically kept at 4K, and the room temperature waveguide components. Power couplers transmit microwaves generated by the high-power microwave source, typically a klystron. Power couplers must be extraordinarily clean and reliable to ensure that they meet the stringent requirements of super conducting accelerators. 2.0 to 8.0 GHz for output power up to 500 watts –  6.5 to 18.0 GHz for output power up to 400 watts Features: Power combining two to four TWTs for higher power output – Customized to your requirements – Power output levels in excess of 500 watts typical – Rapid switching between two to four RF output ports (option) – CW, pulsed or dual-mode operation – Cooling options: air-cooled or liquid-cooled – 115V 3 phase 400 Hz input power – Fully qualified to – MIL-E-5400 environment.

Crossband – Hybird – IsolatorsWikipedia

Custom Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifier (DLVA) – 6-18 GHz DLVA Module – 6-18 GHz DLVA in VPX Module – RF Decks – Standalone TWT RF amplifier decks (i.e., without a power supply) can be provided – The RF chain is completely configured to your requirements. 2.0 to 8.0 GHz for output power up to 500 watts –  6.5 to 18.0 GHz for output power up to 400 watts .5 to 93 GHznd more.

Custom Assemblies

Frequency MultipliersWikipedia
Amplifiers – Multipliers – Converters – VCOs – Heat Sinks – extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVAs) and Successive Detector Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVAs). These devices are used extensively in applications requiring an output voltage related to the power of a received RF signal. In order to cope with a wide range of input signals a log amplifier is used to provide a linear voltage output per dBm of input power. Typically the input range of a DVLA will operate over 50dB or more with a base sensitivity less than -40dBm whilst providing linear conversion within ±1dB for all power levels, frequencies and temperatures. Where greater sensitivity and power levels are expected the Extended Range DLVA (ERDLVA) offers even greater performance.

RF-Stack – Amp – DLVA – SDLVA

Frequency ConvertersWikipedia
Up Converters Down Converters 26.5-40 GHz Up Converter with 1 input and 4 outputs 30 GHz Waveguide Up Converter 41-42 GHz Up Converter – Up Converters – Up Converters: 0.5 – 18 GHz – 2-18 GHz Up Converter – 6-18 GHz Up Converter – 8-12 GHz Up Converter – Up Converters: 18 – 40 GHz – 26.5-40 GHz Up Converter with 1 input and 4 outputs – Up Converters: 40 – 100 GHz – 92 GHz Up Converter – 0.5-18 GHz Receiver – 10.7-12.75 GHz Down Converter – 20.2-21.2 GHz Down Converter – 26.5-40 GHz Down Converter with 4 inputs and 1 output – 41-42 GHz Down Converter – 43-46 GHz Down Converter – 43-46 GHz Waveguide Down Converter – 55 GHz Down Converter – Transceivers – 15-18 GHz Transceiver in VME64 BoardWikipedia 35-36 GHz FMCW Transceiver – 76-77 GHz FMCW Transceiver – 92-93 GHz Transceiver.

Down Converter – Up Converter – Transceiver

Fundamental VCOs | Frequency Multiplied VCOs | Full Waveguide Band VCOs | Custom Design – Custom Configurations – With experience from VHF to W-Band and in analog, mixed signal and digital technologies, We have a wide portfolio of circuit modules, configurations and functionality to meet many different platform needs. We utilize custom building blocks and mixed media construction techniques to meet the most challenging performance and size constraints on the market today.

Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs)

Dielectric Resonant Oscillators (DROs)Wikipedia
Fundamental DROs | Frequency Multiplied DROs | Full Waveguide Band DROs | Custom Design – Custom Configurations – Regulator and output buffer amp minimize pushing & pulling effects. available with connector or Waveguide Outputs. 

Regulator – Output Buffer Amp

Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs) – KlystrodesWikipedia
Broadcast: Scientific/Non-broadcast Applications – K2D110w – K275 – Oscillators & Converters – Connectorized Waveguide Options – Heat Sinks  Pulsed Products – Millimeter Wave -Transmit/Receive Modules and Subsystem – X-Band Transmit – Receive (T-R) Subsystem – 9.5-10 GHz Transmit – Receive (T-R) Module

Klystrode – Klystrone – SSPA – TWTA – HPAs


SAMSUNG TV Hospitality Channel - Guest Room Technology - DIRECTV B2B integration

Custom-built and e
xperienced in design and manufacturing of frequency converters and custom assemblies. We understand that the vast majority of requirements for these types of products involve custom design and packaging per individual customer specifications. Low-noise, high-power toroidal, Wifi, Cellular, RF and Microwave Broadband Amp. SSPA TWTA HPPA – Rack Mount Amplifier. Stack, In-line Signal Fixed, Slope Equalization Sloped, adjustable. input/output impedance Line Amplifier. Push-Pull, Rx/Tx, Tilt Compensator. Bi-Directional, Signal Amp. Pulsed Products – Military Satcom – Ring-Loop – Block Upconverters – Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs) – Ring-Loop TWTs – Multi Pulsed Products – Minis – CW Oscillators – Pulsed Oscillators – Coupled Cavity-Wikipedia RF Decks – Power Couplers – Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs) – Klystrodes – Broadcast – Scientific –  Non-broadcast Applications. K2D110w – K27 – millimeter wave – Power Couplers-Wikipedia – oscillator power-amplifier systems – redundant or combined systems. – coherent radar chains – cathode or an electrode – multi-stage depressed collector – Millimeter Wave-Wikipedia  Gyrotrons  – Oscillators – Klystrons –  Coupled Cavity – Fully qualified to MIL-E-5400 environment – Couplers – S-Band C-Band X-Band Ku-Band Ka-Band W-Band Q-Band V-Band DBS-Band Tri-Band S-Band UHF-Band L-Band Multi-Band-Wikipedia

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