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Custom Built Large Antennas
Custom antennas – conformal and high gain antennas custom fit to your system requirements. Difficult environmental conditions such as vibration, shock or altitude. Specialty products for a wide variety of applications. Specialized high quality antenna and satellite communications systems Composite Reflectors Custom Reflectors can be provided in one piece up to nearly 16 feet in diameter. Portable units can also be provided that are extremely lightweight and can be disassembled into sections for compact storage. Antenna Types: Composite Reflectors (conventional and lightweight / portable units)  Frequency- Selective Reflectors and Surfaces  Microstrip Antennas, Patch Arrays Polarizers (fixed and variable) Low-Observable Treatments. Bands: S-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band , Ka-Band , W-Band, Q-Band, V-Band, DBS-Band, Tri-Band, E-Band, UHF-Band, L-Band, and Multi-Band.


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Showing all 13 results

Radar System Simulator Antennas

There are many antenna options available: Prices are subject to change based on Frequency, Feedhorn, Reference, Axis, Optics, Mounts, Data Rate, Band, Interface, Power and Motor Configuration, Please Call. All dish antennas are available in different Feed, LNB and Motor / Mount configurations. TX/Rx – Transmit & Receive BUC – Cross – Linear Polarization – Circular Polarization – Ports. Bands: S-Band – C-Band – X-Band – Ku-Band – Ka-Band – W-Band – Q-Band – V-Band – DBS-Band – Tri-Band – S-Band – UHF-Band – L-Band – Multi-Band. Horizon-To-Horizon, Polar Mount, Gimbal, AZ/EL, Three Axis, Dual Axis or Motorized Declination. Extremely wide range of configuration options and supported accessories available, Prices may vary. Base Antenna Configuration. LINK BUDGET: A link budget enables factors such as the required antennas gain levels, radio transmitter power levels, and receiver sensitivity figures to be determined. Please complete the following form to ensure proper configuration.

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