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Mobile, Portable and Transportable Satellite

Mobile, Portable In-Motion Underway Trailer pulled, Jumbo Transportable, Tripod Satellite, Fold Down Units, Automatic, Auto tracking, Collapsible, Auto alignment, Self Aiming Dish, Stand, Mount, Marine, Boat, Plane, Helicopter, Train, Truck, SUV, BUS, Camper, RV

There are basically 3 different types of portable satellite systems. 

#1 Manual Point – Hands on stationary units (Manually locate the signal).
Parked / Stopped / Docked – TV & DATA units.

#2 Automatic Point – Self Aligning stationary units (Automatically locate the signal).
Parked / Stopped / Docked – TV & DATA units.

#3 Automatic In-Motion – Fully Automatic (Works on the move. Underway, in-motion).
Land, air and sea fully automatic auto tracking In-Motion TV & DATA units.

Welcome to Mobile and Portable Satellite. Mobile, Portable In-Motion Underway Trailer pulled, Transportable, Tripod Satellite, Fold Down Units, Automatic, Auto tracking, Collapsible, Stand, Mount, Marine, Boat, Submarine, Airplane, Helicopter, Train, Truck, SUV, RV – Camper – Bus – Truck – Van – Rugged Deploy – Terminals – Collapsible collapsible satellite dish antennas. Vehicle mounted, ground mounted or case based. Quick deploy terminals. Broadcast SNG uplink terminals. Fold down Self aiming automatic satellite alignment dish system. Satellite trucks and trailers-
 SNG & ENG-Wikipedia Auto alignment, Self Aiming Dish-Wikipedia 


  #1 – TV  Units (Manual Point)   DBS-Wikipedia  TVRO-Wikipedia

  #1 Transportable – TV Units (Manual Point)   FSS-Wikipedia  FTA-Wikipedia


   #1 –  Data Units (Manual Point)   VSAT-Wikipedia  HTS-Wikipedia


 #1 Transportable – DATA Units (Manual Point)  GES-Wikipedia  MES-Wikipedia


#2 Automatic Point

 #2 – TV Units (Automatic Point)   SATTV-Wikipedia  DBSTV-Wikipedia     


 #2 Transportable – TV Units (Automatic Point)  SATTV-Wikipedia 


 #2 – Data Units (Automatic Point)  COM-Wikipedia  SNG ENG-Wikipedia


  #2 Transportable – DATA Units (Automatic Point)   Rx/Tx-Wikipedia  


#3 Automatic In-Motion 

 #3 – TV Land Units (In-Motion)  ATS-Wikipedia  GPS-Wikipedia

 #3 Sea / Maritime – TV Units (In-Motion)  GYRO-Wikipedia  MMSS-Wikipedia


 #3 Sea / Maritime – DATA Units (In-Motion)  COM-Wikipedia  MMSS-Wikipedia


 #3 Sea – Submersible (In-Motion)Wikipedia 


 #3 Air / In-Flight – TV Units ( In-Motion)   IFE-Wikipedia  


 #3 Air / In-Flight  VSAT – DATA  Units (In-Motion)    SATCOM-Wikipedia  EHF-Wikipedia


 #3 Train VSAT Systems-  Data Units on Rails ( In-Motion)   AUTO-Wikipedia


 #3 Pull Along – TV and Data Units ( In-Motion)   AUTO-Wikipedia


Other Specialty Antennas


Links to safety information: ENG/SNG –

There are many antenna options available: Prices are subject to change based on Frequency, Feedhorn, Reference, Axis, Optics, Mounts, Data Rate, Band, Interface, Power and Motor Configuration, Please Call. All dish antennas are available in different Feed, LNB and Motor / Mount configurations. TX/Rx – Transmit & Receive BUC – Cross – Linear Polarization – Circular Polarization – Ports. Bands: S-Band – C-Band – X-Band – Ku-Band – Ka-Band – W-Band – Q-Band – V-Band – DBS-Band – Tri-Band – S-Band – UHF-Band – L-Band – Multi-Band. Horizon-To-Horizon, Polar Mount, Gimbal, AZ/EL, Three Axis, Dual Axis or Motorized Declination. Extremely wide range of configuration options and supported accessories available, Prices may vary. Base Antenna Configuration. LINK BUDGET: A link budget enables factors such as the required antennas gain levels, radio transmitter power levels, and receiver sensitivity figures to be determined. Please complete the following form to ensure proper configuration.

Antenna – Motor – Feed – Mount – Controller – Modem – Configuration

End-Use-Statement (EUS) Form

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Wikipedia Communications satellite-Wikipedia Telecommunication-Wikipedia Broadcasting-Wikipedia AntennasWikipedia Parabolic-Wikipedia Satellite DishWikipedia Satellite Television-Wikipedia Our systems cover all bands, S-Band – C-Band – X-Band – Ku-Band – Ka-Band – W-Band – Q-Band – V-Band – DBS-Band – Tri-Band – S-Band – UHF-Band – L-Band – Multi-Band. Custom bands and configurations are also available. Integrated assemblies can be designed from 1 to 60 GHz and can include both waveguide active and passive components, such as waveguide harmonic filters, waveguide couplers, detectors, low noise amplifiers, high power amplifiers, waveguide switches, coaxial switches, waveguide circulators, etc. All dish antennas are available in different feed and LNB configuration. S-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, W-Band, Q-Band, V-Band, DBS-Band, Tri-Band, S-Band, UHF-Band, L-Band and Multi-Band as available options. Other products include Pulsed Products – Military Satcom – Ring-Loop – Block Upconverters – Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs) – Ring-Loop TWTs – Multi Pulsed Products – Minis – CW Oscillators – Pulsed Oscillators – Coupled Cavity – RF Decks – Power Couplers – Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs) – Klystrodes – Broadcast – Scientific –  Non-broadcast Applications. K2D110w – K27 – millimeter wave – Power Couplers – oscillator power-amplifier systems – redundant or combined systems. – coherent radar chains – cathode or an electrode – multi-stage depressed collector – Millimeter Wave – Gyrotrons  – Oscillators – Klystrons – Coupled Cavity – Fully qualified to MIL-E-5400 environment – and Couplers. Maritime, offshore energy and other commercial applications – Non-autotracking antennas – Manually steerable antennas. Telemetry units.  Automatic Systems can be supplied as ground-based, transportable, mobile or shipboard (gyro stabilized). Flyaway Earth Stations, Government Communications, Fixed and In-Motion Earth Stations. Portable Microwave Links Available in all frequency bands.

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