Multi LNB Bracket and Adaptors

Multiple LNB Bracket - Supports 2, 3 and More LNBFs

Multi LNB Bracket.  max bracket
Multi LNB Adaptor Bracket 
3LNBKit $89.99

connect 3 different LNB for 3 different satellites.

Compatible with 30mm or 40mm LNBF

You can get 4 axes pointís adjustments: forwards/backwards, up/down, left/right, side to side.
This Bracket can extend to handle up unlimited LNBF

Compatible with any Dish.. _ __ ___

LNB Bracket


Multi LNBF Bracket         

3 LNB's and receive 3 different satellite signals on one dish !
LNBF and LNB Brackets

Full Kit with Brackets


Great LNB Adaptor Bracket


Channel Master - Dual LNB Adaptor kit Bracket.

119 & 110 on a Larger Dish - On One Dish !!!   119 and 110  on 1 Dish

Turn your single big dish into a Dish 500 or Multi-Satellite Dish !!! It's two dishes in one - skew the LNBF not the dish. A great adaptor. Saves you from buying two reflectors. IN STOCK.  Works with most 1 meter and up dish sizes.

$149.00 Dual Adaptor Skew

The $89.99 adaptor works just as well. 3LNBkit 


Dish 500 WishBone
D500Wishbone $14.99

Holds 2 LNB LNBFs for 119 & 110 or the Bell 91 & 82 postitions. Any 2 satellites with a 9 degree spacing. Can Be used with DirecTV Style LNB's _ __ ___

Dual Bracket

LNB Bracket

Try a Motor !


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