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Satellite Internet-Wikipedia Communications satellite-Wikipedia Telecommunication-Wikipedia  Broadcasting-Wikipedia Antennas-Wikipedia Parabolic-Wikipedia Satellite Dish-Wikipedia Satellite broadband – Two-way satellite communication. Global Satellite Internet – Maritime broadband Internet  and phone service via satellite (VOIP) Platforms: LinkStar, Gilat, Spacenet, Starband,  Iridium,  Inmarsat, BGAN and others types of  HTS Systems – High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems-Wikipedia  VSAT Systems – Very small aperture terminal-Wikipedia High speed Satcom modems for government, military, Commercial and Residential broadband satellite communication systems: fixed, deployable, or mobile broadband systems. L-Band, 70/140 MHz, DVB-S2, PCMA, MF-TDMA, iDirect, ViaSat, Comtech, Paradise, Datum Satellite Internet – DiRECWAY – HughesNet – Starband – iDirect – Linkstarl-Wikipedia  
Satellite Modem – Hughes Network – iDirect – CATV Modem – DSLWikipedia

IDirect modem
Direct ModemWikipedia    
Evolution Platform – iDirect’s Evolution modems support DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), a bandwidth-efficient technology for networks with larger outbound capacity requirements. iDirect’s DVB-S2 was designed and developed around IP and uses extremely efficient encapsulation techniques that deliver speeds up to 149 Mbps.

ORBIT is a leading global provider of technology based Mission Critical integrated communication solutions. We develop, integrate and install end-to-end turnkey communication solutions and services for air, sea, land and space applications. Based on a customer-centric approach, we offer integrated turnkey solutions for defense, government and commercial organizations. 
Defense – Government – CommercialWikipedia

LinkStar - Link Way Star MODEMiNetVu – ViaSat – Starband
ViaSat is in the business to connect the world. As a global broadband services and technology company, we are connecting international communities to the internet by offering residential internet service; enabling passengers and operations crews to stream high-bandwidth media, applications, and content when traveling globally on commercial, business or government aircraft and maritime vessels; and empowering international war fighters on the front lines of battle with real-time, secure internet-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for high-requirement missions.
Defense – Government – CommercialWikipedia


Showing 25–36 of 193 results

Showing 25–36 of 193 results

Teledyne Paradise Datacom
The most comprehensive selection of Paradise Datacom L-Band Satellite Modems, Solid State Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amps (LNA) and LNA Plates for C, X, Ku and Ka-band frequencies.
Satellite Modem – Bandwidth – VSATWikipedia

NewTec Modem
Elevation, Horizon and Azimuth Series IP Satellite Modems, Broadcast Modulators, RF Converters, DVB-S2 Receivers and VSAT terminal solutions. Newtec is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, consumer and enterprise VSAT, government and defense, cellular backhaul and trunking and mobility, offshore and maritime markets
Satellite Modem – Bandwidth – VSATWikipedia


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Showing 25–25 of 25 results

NS300 - NS300X - NS3000 Satellite ModemNovelSat
NovelSat is a technology company dedicated to providing the next-generation modulation standard for satellite communications. NovelSat supports DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X standards and also offers the superior spectral efficiency of its NovelSat NS4 high-end efficiency satellite transmission software package which is available in all NovelSat satellite modulators, demodulators and modems. NovelSat technologies deliver the fastest data rates, the satellite industry’s most compelling ROI and the most scalable transmission solutions from 64Kbps to 850Mbps on a single modem.
Satellite Modem – Bandwidth – VSATWikipedia

Datum Modem Satellite
Datum Systems
Datum Systems is a small, but highly respected company in the heart of Silicon Valley that designs and manufactures innovative satellite communications ground equipment for SCPC, MCPC and VSAT point-to-point or point-to multipoint networks. We specialize in reliable high performance satellite modems for a variety of Government and Commercial applications, including IP data, VOIP, cellular backhaul, banking, distance learning, disaster recovery and business-to-business enterprise
Satellite Modem – Bandwidth – VSATWikipedia


hughes modemsHughes Network ModemsWikipedia
Faster Speeds: HughesNet Gen5 is faster than ever—25 Mbps3 download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. More Data: It’s easy: just choose a plan with the amount of data that’s right for you. Built-In Wi-Fi Connect your wireless devices at home. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for incredible speeds and excellent coverage. HughesNet’s EchoStar XVII Satellite. HughesNet launched their most advanced satellite yet –EchoStar XVII – into geostationary orbit in July 2012. … EchoStar XVII moves in geostationary orbit along this line: 22,236 miles above the Earth.
Hughes Network – DirecWay – HX

excede modemsExede Satellite ModemWikipedia
Exede satellite broadband service is the fusion of the newest and most advanced satellite in the world, cutting-edge equipment and a brand new state-of-the-art web browsing acceleration optimizing technology. We’ve also constructed an entirely new network infrastructure on the ground that further enhances your internet speeds. When you sign up as an Exede internet customer, you also get a brand new modem that contains new technology to make your web browsing faster.

Comtech Satellite ModemWikipedia
Comtech EF Data Corp. is a leading supplier of satellite bandwidth and link optimization. Our high-performance satellite communications infrastructure solutions feature groundbreaking efficiency, robust intelligence and unparalleled horsepower. Commercial and government users around the world utilize our solution suite to reduce OPEX/CAPEX and to increase throughput for the most demanding fixed and mobile networks.


Romantis Satellite Router
Romantis Satellite Router 
Romantis provides and supports bandwidth on domestic, regional and international satellite systems such as Intelsat, RSCC, SES and others. We can accommodate individual bandwidth requirements from small circuits of 0.5 MHz all the way up to full transponder and thereby guarantee the availability of cost effective satellite time for your transmission.
Satellite Hubless TDMA – Bandwidth – VSATWikipedia

Satellite Modem
Work Microwave 
For over 30 years, WORK Microwave has been a leading developer and manufacturer of RF electronics technologies and products. Known for its quality products, customized solutions, reliability, and world-class customer service, WORK Microwave sets the industry benchmark for innovation in microwave and signal processing technologies. All of the company’s products are developed and produced in-house, leading to an unrivalled response time to customer needs. The products in WORK Microwave’s four divisions — SatCom, Navigation Simulators, Sensors & Measurement, and Defense Electronics — have been deployed and endorsed by many of the leading communications operators, systems integrators, defense manufacturers, and public services worldwide.
Navigation Simulators – Satellite Communication – Defense Electronics – Sensors & MeasurementWikipedia

starband modems     
Starband & Other Miscellaneous – Satellite ModemWikipedia
Products and Services · End User Support and Integration Services; Cell Phones, … Cell phones, broadband cards, satellite devices, and miscellaneous. Specify a quantity for any of the products listed on this page, then click ‘Add to Cart’ to add them to your shopping cart. Telecommunication & AV Equipment. VOIP & UC; Outdoor Products; Business Equipment; Consumer Electronics; Home & Personal. We distribute wholesale telecom equipment & supplies to qualified dealers and Miscellaneous Brands Miscellaneous Brands: Computer, Satellite and Networking

motorola parts   arris modems
Motorola Modems & GatewaysWikipedia
Arris Group is an American telecommunications equipment manufacturing company that provides cable operators with high-speed data, video and telephony systems for homes and businesses.


Extremely wide range of configuration options and supported bandwidth types Configurable: Modulator – Demodulator – Carrier-in-Carrier – IP Compression – Interface – AUPC / ACM / Predistortion – Input Power – Network Specification – Cord – Symbol Rate – License – Software – Data Rate – FEC – Accessories – Overhead – Error Correction – Framing – Transec – Reference – Prices may vary. Base modem Configuration. A link budget enables factors such as the required antennas gain levels, radio transmitter power levels, and receiver sensitivity figures to be determined. Please complete the following form to ensure proper configuration. 

Antenna – Motor – Feed – Mount – Controller – Modem – Configuration

End-Use-Statement (EUS) Form

iDirect HughesNet exede Linkstar WildBlue Services & Rates – Fees. The Link budget – A link budget calculates the power and antenna size required to provide the desired level of bandwidth to a specific site. The site is based upon the site location, satellite in use, and size/type of equipment at the Hub/teleport. A teleport is the earth station that controls communications across the space linkWikipedia  Satellite Modem-Wikipedia

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