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Technical Support:

Technical Support

One of the most often asked questions in the tech department at is

“What is the master password?”.

WARNING: this will clear the memory of your receiver !

General Instrument 4DTV ————- Options 6,778,7,accept
General Instrument (other) ————- 92121

Echostar/HTS series ——————- MAST,222-6903,790-7878
HTS 40-70/ Echo 400-600 ————- menu 63 8472 then hit 4 Enter.
HTS VIII+ (old software)—————6-3-4-7-9-0-7-8-7-8-SAT/ENTER
                 (new software)—————6-3-8-4-7-2-5- SAT/ENTER
Uniden PS-600XL or PS-1000 ——– 8570
Uniden UST-4400 Super —————  3315
Uniden UST-4500/4600/4900 ——— 3573
Supra/Ultra/ & all the SQ ————–    3573
Uniden 4800 & 4800+ —————–    4700

Chaparral ——————————-       2345

Toshiba ———————————       1048

DX ————————————–        ABCE

Satellite Receiver Manuals

Installing a Mesh Satellite Dish – 42meg .pdf   – Download it so you have a copy – How to Install a large motorized satellite dish. - Engineering Dish Wind.Satellite Engineer Drawings and Wind Load calculations. Sat dish engineering wind specifications. – click here.

Electrical Grounding 

We service all makes and models

Best Satellite Locator find Azimuth and Elevation  on any Satellite from anywhere.  Just point and click.

FTA – channel list
Listing of all C-Band Changes
Listing of all satellites and transponders

DiSEqC and 22KHz switch configuration. – How To Hookup DiSEqC switch

DishPro Switch Instructions quick setup guide     See: small dish tech support.

FAST US chart

Satellite Chart – Chart the satellite orbital positions.

Dish tracking chart satellite positions 

FCC Fact Sheet on Neighborhood Satellite Dish Installation

Selection of technical data and support tools

See: more tech support – Smaller Dish and more.


Modem Default username Default password

Motorola 6580 admin motorola 
Arris 860A admin password 
Arris 862G admin password 
Ubee DVW3201B user user 
Arris TG852 admin password 
Thomson DW875 username not required admin Thomson DWG855 username not required admin 
Ubee DDW365 user user 
Ubee DDW3611 user user
Ubee U10C022 user user 

DSR-6100 default user name is ESPN and the password is espn

User manuals


Arris Router Passwords Arris Router Password List – Arris Model Default Username Default Password 

DG860A admin password 
DG950 admin password 
NVG589 unknown unknown 
NVG595 Admin printed on router label 
SBG6580 admin motorola 
SBG6700-AC admin password 
SBG6782-AC admin motorola 
SBG6900-AC admin password 
SBR-AC1750 admin password 
SBR-AC3200P admin motorola 
SBR-AC3200P admin password 
TG1682G admin password 
TG2472G admin password 
TG852 admin password 
TG852G admin password 
TG852G admin password 
TG862 admin password 
TG862G admin password 
TG862G admin password 
TG862G-CT admin password 
TG862G-NA admin password 
TM501b admin 1234 
TM502b admin 1234 
WTM552 blank 
WTM552G blank 
WTM652 blank 
WTM652G none blank 


commercial satellite VSAT equipment

Footprints What Frequency Latitude – Longitude Phone Test Mode Channels Transponders Wifi Scanner
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