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Miscellaneous Fiber Products and  Optical Transport
TRANSCEIVERS – Fiber Optic TransceiverWikipedia Most systems use a “transceiver” which includes both transmission and receiver in a single module. The transmitter takes an electrical input and converts it to an optical output from a laser diode or LED. A bi-directional Fiber Optic NodeWikipedia is generally described in terms of the number of “homes passed” that are served by that specific fiber node. Nodes have the ability to deliver data over more efficient fiber optic lines, rather than other lines with greater speed restrictions. The remaining area from the node to an individual destination, often called “last mile” service, can be achieved with copper or other types of wire. AGCWikipedia Abbreviation for automatic gain control. A process or means by which gain is automatically adjusted in a specified manner as a function of input level or another specified parameter. We stock top quality fiber optics connectors: FCAPC (Round)  SCAPC (Square)  Single modeWikipedia or Multi Mode fiberWikipedia Simplex or Duplex and more. BROADBAND – FULL Frequency DC-95Ghz 


Transceiver – Node – AGC

Evertz Transceiver Evertz Transceiver 
Evertz Microsystems Ltd., a manufacturer of high quality digital broadcast and film products distributed worldwide.

Fiber Optica Optical TransceiverFiber Optical Nodes/ Fibertronix
Fibertronix – a product division of North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE) – specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of fiber optic products for the Cable TV, Direct Broadcast Satellite and CCTV Security industries. Product lines include fiber optic cable and jumpers, transmitters, receivers and baseband video transmission kits.


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Multicom Optical NodesMulticom Optical NodesWikipedia
Multicom stocks over 16,000 products from more than 270 of the world’s major manufacturers. These products are used to acquire, process and distribute television, data, voice, security, and traffic control signals over fiber optic, copper, and coax cable.


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Force 2792, 2792P-TP-1310SC, transport Emcore, 2792P-RB-SC, 2792P-TP-1310SC, 2792P-RB-SC, 2792P-RB-SC, BASEBAND Milltary10-18GHz 12-18GHz, 10-22GHz, 12-40Ghz BROADBAND – FULL Frequency DC-95Ghz SCAPC SIBT-S3A-210 Transmitter 5-250Mhz +3db  SIBR-S4A-210 Receiver 5-250 RMDA-860 Amp 15db 47-860 FIBT-S3A-814A 45-860Mhz +14dB – AL5T-11-1610-2 AL 1610nm – AL5R-1-0-0-5-N – Receiver MP 5L w/ cwdm SCAPC EMCORE – 950-2300MHZ, FORCE and Emcore, FORCE EMCORE, 1490,1510,1530 and 1550 4 colors of light, FoxCom, CWDM lasers, HDSSag20, Trunk Amp 40 dB , Force 2804-12, 2808R-SFSP, otol-1000-13, otot870-6, FOXCOM, FRRA-S4a-860-43PA, FIBT-s3A-814A, LE-860, FPS-SPL-01-SC-16-001, Emcore Laser Fiber optics, 2792P-TP-1310SC,2792P-RB-SC FPS-SPL-01-SC-16-001 1×16 LTF-2150 terminator SCAPC – FCAPC – Multicom – FCAPC – FCSC 
Developed from field-tested designs that meet all applicable FCC, ITU and MilSpec standards-Wikipedia In accordance with ISO9001-Wikipedia Optic Transmitters and Receivers. – 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX/LH, 1000BASE-EX, 1000BASE-ZX, or 1000BASE-BX10-D/U

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