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Set tops available – Amulet Kamulet Kamai ISB ADE VAP VIP DCX Comtrend WAP

I have the following  set tops available.  Please call or email me for pricing.  If there is something not on the list that you need please ask and I will check for availability. 

I look forward to your response.

Amulet 505- REFURB      99-805000-11

Amulet 7XM-NEW           99-88030065

Kamai 650M- NEW            99-880300-07B   

Kamai 650M- NEW            95-880300-07

Kamai 651-NEW                99-880900-06U

Kamai 7XM 1TB-NEW     99-806300-72

ISB 7150-NEW                   Technicolor

Amino 140’s

Amino 540’s

ADB 2721W’s

ADB 3721WN’s

ADB 3800’s

ADB 5721’s

ADB 5810’s

VIP 2262 V1

VAP 2500’s

DCX 3400M’s

Comtrend WAP 5836