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DI, TrinQuint, Qorvo.Toshiba & Sumitomo Devices instock for your reference:

ADI,TrinQuint,Qorvo.Toshiba&Sumitomo Devices stock list with good price and short lead time for your reference:

Model No.QuantityDescription
TGA4030-SM1817-37 GHz MPA/Multiplier
TGA2579-2-FL113.75-15.3GHz,GaN Gain 32dB,RF Amplifier 
TGA2503-SM23032 dBm Ku-Band Amplifier
TGA25024913-15 GHz 4W Power Amplifier
TGF2023-2050DC-18GHz 100W,RF Transistors
TGF2023-103895DC-18GHZ 50W,RF Transistors
TGF2023-05247DC-18GHZ 25W,RF Transistors
TGA4705-FC156077 GHz Flip-Chip Low Noise Amplifier
TGA4031-SM4917-40 GHz MPA/Multiplier
TGA25761102.5-6.0GHz 30W GN=25dBm,RF Amplifier 
TGA2572-FL3002.5-6GHz GaN HEMT Power Amplifier
TGA2526-SM1357 2 20 GHz Low Noise Amplifier with AGC
TGA2508-SM20012-19GHz 29dBm RF Amplifier
TGA2508-SCC-2-SM149512 19 GHz VSAT Amplifier
TGA2503-XCC-7-SM143032 dBm Ku-Band Amplifier
TGA2503-SM-XCC-650032 dBm Ku-Band Amplifier
TGA1342-XCC3332-20 GHz Wideband AGC Amplifier
T2G4005528-FS525455W, 28V, DC-3.5 GHz
TGV2204-FC301319 GHz VCO
TGS4306-FC2463470-90GHz,Switch Flip Chip
TGS4305-FC302260-90GHz,Switch Flip Chip
TGF4230-SCC4700DC-12GHz 0.7W,RF Transistors
TGF2021-12-XCC-220DC-12GHz Discrete power pHEMT
TGC4610-SM764017-27GHz Up-Down Converters