Pan Tilt Zoom - PTZ & CCTV Cameras
some cameras can make the image look faraway while others make the image look close. Depending on your needs we recommend a cam that can see just like your eyes...  (The car on the screen is the same size as if you looked at it through a window.) Other important factors are: WhiteBack, DayNight, 0Lux, IR, Cool IR, WhiteIR, Thermal and more.. 

So your thinking about a Pan Tilt Zoom ? We have the best PTZ's available on the market today. 

Lets get down to business. These are the best relatively low priced PTZ's on the market right now. Starting with the best. If you need studio quality gear / weather housings or need a Video Telescope / weather housing please call.

We have been using PTZ cameras for over 25 years. If your looking for the HIGHEST ZOOM cameras on the market then you came to the right place.
Fast same day shipping. 

High Zoom PTZ Cameras

Outdoor PTZ Day/Night Color 480 Lines 26x Optical 10x digital 260x Zoom

56NV-26X Day/Night 360 


Outdoor .01 Lux , Wall mount, Ceiling mount, Heater, blower, Dome camera with 26x optical 10x dig Total 260 Zoom  1/4 Color CCD 
Pixels: 752H 582V 440,000 pixels 
480 Lines Resolution 
Minimum illumination .01 Lux 
Auto iris, Auto Focus 
6 sites of programmable tours with focus and 16 positions each set 
Signal to Noise >48dB
24 volt AC
Weight 4kg Aluminum alloy 
Operating temperature 0 to 40cen 

This is the Best PTZ on the market !


27x Optical Zoom

6" High Speed Color Dome 27 Optical, 270X zoom - Super HAD CCD (Day/Night) 480Lines 

55NV-27 - 6" High Speed Color Dome


Outdoor 270X zoom Super HAD CCD (Day and Night) 480Lines Wall mount 

Day and Night 
High Speed 
Heater and Fan included
Ceiling Bracket included 
27x Optical Zoom
RS-485 multi protocols
270 x Zoom Plastic housing.



IR Blast Night Camera

56NV-IR Call on latest pricing $Call

Image Sensor: 1/4" CCD
Active Pixels: 752H x 582V
White Balance: Auto/Manual
Scanning Frequency: 15625Khz (H) x 50Hz (V)
Resolution: More than 480 Lines
S/N Ratio: More than 50dB
Electronic Shutter: 1/3~1/10000s
Lux: 1 Lux
Lens Focal Length: f=3.9~63mm 18x
Iris/Zoom: Automatic/ Manual
Preset: 128
Patrol Function: 6 Patrol Patterns
Infrared Illuminator: High Brightness LED×40pcs 

Cam Video EyepiecePC Video Telescope

Introducing the Galileo VS-1 telescope video system. With the Galileo VS-1 you can easily put what you see in your telescope on TV! The Galileo VS-1 works with all Galileo telescopes, and all .965" and 1.25" format telescopes

High Resolution CMOS Video Camera (.965” Barrel)
1.25” Thread-On Adapter
Video Cord
DC Car Adapter (Cigarette Lighter Plug)
AC to DC Adapter (115vac) 


1000x Lens     Highest Megapixel Camera

Imagine a 12.4 mega pixel cam with a 10x optical lens and a video eyepiece adaptor on a PTZ mount inside a full weather case with remote.

  Wow !!  12.4 megapixel 




A look at several useful cameras

by Jim Ferreira

Video Cam Lens             High Megapixel Cam with Video out


Broadcast Video Camera

12.4 Megapixel Photos            Dual Optic's

Kodak Easyshare P880 (8-Megapixel)
Extra-wide 24-140mm Zoom!

Nikon D2x Body (12.4 Megapixel)

Promaster 70-300 f:4.5/5.6 LD f/Nikon AF-D

Promaster 100-400 f:4.5/6.7 f/Nikon AF


Color/Day Night External PTZ camera dome
Indoor/Outdoor PTZ
12x Optical 220 Zoom, 1/3 Sony Color 480 Lines .1 Lux



Indoor/Outdoor PTZ 12x Optical 220 Zoom
Outdoor use 

Heater and Fan included 
Switches to Monochrome under 2 Lux
RS-485 multi protocols
220 x Zoom
Manual Focus 
Strong outdoor ABS Plastic Housing 

PTZ Dome Mini

Smaller INDOOR PTZ dome cameras

MPEG-4, D1 resolution, 25fps w/Bi-Audio 

 312x ZOOM

Maximum Zoom Length! 

360° continuous Pan / 180° tilt 

Day/Night Operation


Pro Series Dome Camera PTZ  350x Zoom

Tamper - AntiVandal Mini Dome PTZ    Worlds Smallest PTZ Dome Camera

Worlds Smallest PTZ Camera

Sony 8.0mm Lens

12 IR Illuminator 1/4 Sony CCD  Outdoor Color Camera 12 Blue IR LEDS

Sony SWT 8.0mm CCD Color video Camera
SWT-1 $239.00 DAY NIGHT Color/BW

$239.00 Sony SWT-01  

These cameras are available with different lenses. Most cam's have a 3.3mm / 3.6mm lens call for different configurations.
JVC 1/3" CCD Color video Camera

1/3" CCD 330 TVL, AES, BLC, AGC function for high sensitivity operation at just .95 lux. This camera has excellent color reproduction supported by auto white balance as well as backlight compensation. 24 VAC. Use C- or CS-mount. Lens and transformer not included. _ __ ___

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1/3" CCD B/W Camera

1/3" interline transfer CCD sensor. Electronic iris control circuit. Small size camera that is compatible with video-type and DC-type auto iris lenses. 410 lines of resolution. Uses C- or CS-mount type lenses. Operates on 24 VAC isolation transformer. Line lock and vertical phase adjustment. Lux 0.2. Lens and transformer not included._ __ ___ _ __ __
1/3" B/W CCD Hi-Resolution Camera
CM-16 $249.99

This Toshiba hi-res camera offers 570 lines of resolution, .06 LUX, 24 VAC, back-light compensation, auto-electronic shutter, isolation transformer, line-lock/internal SYNC and CS-mount. Lens and transformer not included.

  _ __ ___

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1/3" B/W Camera
CM-17 $199.99

1/3" B/W CCD camera with 380 lines of resolution. CS-mount(C-mount with adapter), 0.3 LUX, 24 VAC, linear electronic iris. Accepts DC or video type A/I lenses. With backlight compensation. Lens and transformer not included._ __ ___ _ __ ___
1/3" CCD B/W Board Camera
CM-18 $169.99

1/3" interline-transfer CCD image sensor. Tiny size. Electronic iris for light changes. Selectable ARG circuitry. Camera with pinhole lens 1.65"W x 1.65"H x 0.5"D. Operates on 12 VDC. Includes 3.6mm F5 pinhole lens. _ __ ___

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Pin Hole Camera with Lens
CM-19 $129.99

This camera features a built-in wide angle pin hole lens with 400 lines of resolution. .01 LUX, 3.6mm lens and low-light requirements. Pin hole lens is easily concealed._ __ ___ _ __ ___
Smoke Detector Camera with Audio
CM-20 $199.99

This ProVideo 1/3" B/W, CCD disguised smoke detector camera has audio, 400 lines of resolution, electronic iris control, 0.3 LUX with 4mm lens. Power supply included. _ __ ___

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Light Duty Scanner
CM-21 $299.99

This covert 1/3" B/W board camera with a 3.6mm pin hole lens with audio inside a non-functioning Honeywell thermostat housing. 1.5 LUX._ __ ___ _ __ ___
1/3" B/W Covert Camera
CM-22 with audio $289.99

CM-23 without audio $239.99

Covert 1/3" B/W camera with a 3.6mm pin hole lens with audio inside a non-functioning PIR (passive infared ) case. 1.5 LUX.

  _ __ ___

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1/3" B/W Covert Camera
CM-24 Tex-Oracle 380 lines, 0.5 LUX $159.99

CM-25 Tex-Oracle PLUS $199.99

This covert camera provides uni-mesh one way camera lens, tamper proof wall and ceiling brackets, PIR mimic LED, 480 lines, .2 LUX and 4.3mm lens, standard composite video output, audio circuitry is standard. Very low current consumption. (45mA typical) _ __ ___ _ __ ___
B/W and Color Camodulators
CM-26 B/W $439.99

CM-27 COLOR $249.99

Digital, video channel modulator is combined with either a B/W or color mini-camera. Coax powered, adjustable focus from 1' to infinity, in wall mount horizontally/vertically adjustable, 3.6mm lens, low-light sensitivity, 0.4 LUX, switch selection for UHF and cable channels. _ __ ___

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Picture Camera
CM-28 $249.99

1/3" CCd B/W camera with 3.6mm pin hole lens. 0.5 LUX and 12v DC power supply included. With audio._ __ ___ _ __ ___

SEE DVR's & CAM's For Less page.  Relatively inexpensive series Cam's & DVR's
B/W Clock Camera
CM-29 $249.99

1/3" CCD clock camera with audio. 3.6mm pin hole camera in a functional quartz clock. Clock battery and 12V DC power supply included. _ __ ___

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Speaker Camera
CM-30 $249.99

1/3" CCD surveillance camera with audio. This unit has a 400 resolution, 0.3 LUX, 4mm wide angle lens, 12 VAC and automatic shutter circuit._ __ ___ _ __ ___
12" Diagonal B/W Monitor
CM-31 $199.99

This Toshiba 12" B/W video monitor is very durable with a metal cabinet. Has front panel controls and video looping. 800 lines of horizontal resolution and BNC connectors for video in and video out.


  _ __ ___

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24-Hour Time Lapse Recorder
CM-32 $699.99

This Sanyo 24-hour time lapse recorder with better viewing, field recording, feild advance playback that shows every field. High quality recording and playback. (350 lines black and white), also has alarm input._ __ ___ _ __ ___


SEE DVR's & CAM's For Less page
Vehicle Rear Vision System
CM-33 $749.99

This complete rear vision system has a 7" monitor, monitor sunsheild, 60' cable, 1/3" B/W weather-resistant camera with a 2.2mm lens and 2 inputs, camera sunsheild and all mounting brackets. _ __ ___

we now have units for as little as $149.99 


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Wireless B/W Observation Set
CM-32 $299.99


1/3" B/W CCD with a 4.3 fixed focus lens, 350 lines of resolution, minimum illumination of 0 LUX (IR diodes), built-in condensor microphone for one-way audio. Power supplies included._ __ ___ _ __ ___
14" Color Camera and Monitor
CM-34 $699.99


Ultrak 14" Color Monitor with built-in 4 position sequntial switcher. Includes 1/3" color camera 60' cable with RJ-11-E connectors and mounting bracket. _ __ ___

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12" B/W Camera and Monitor
CM-37 $399.99


This 12" B/W monitor with built-in 4 position sequential switcher with audio capability. Adjustable dwell time, 2 to 15 seconds. Camera features a 1/3" CCD with 0.2 LUX with built in microphone._ __ ___ _ __ ___
12" B/W Observation System
CM-39 with PIP kit $499.99

CM-40 camera with metal case $199.99

CM-41 12" B/W monitor w/ switcher $229.99

CM-42 4.3, 6, 8, 12, or 16mm LENSES $39.99

Clover Electronics system with 380 TV lines, 1/3" CCD image sensor w/ 12mm CS mount lens. Manual/automatic switching between mutiple cameras. 2-way audio, 4 camera capability. Compatible with any BNC camera. Video output for recording. _ __ __


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Dummy CCD Camera
CM-43 $39.99

This dummy camera is complete with lens and long life LED. Front panel, 24 VAC. Transformer not included._ __ ___ _ __




  • Wall Mount

  • Roof Mount

  • Pole / Tower Mount

  • Tamper / AntiVandal

  • Accessories - Video Eyepiece - More..

  • 1000 Optical Zoom



40E - Mini Economical Pan and Tilt Controller 
for CD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras


Most popular joystick controller 

Compact Design, High Speed, attractive appearance Control Pan/Tilt , Focus, Zoom, Iris.
1200m maximum range
Controls up to 32 PTZ Dome Cameras.
ID : From 0 to 99
Input Power : DC 12V
Power Consumption : 5W    Your DVR should Control your PTZ camera.


AU-40 Joystick CONTROL BOX

Control up to 255 devices ( cameras )
LCD data display.
Joystick controller
Control both Speed Dome and Multiplexer
Multiplexer : Full function
Control Functions : OSD, Zoom, Tilt, Pan
Termination RS485 : RJ11*2(6P6C)+ Terminal block
Termination RS232 : 9 pin D-Sub male
Power Supply : 12V DC 1000mA
Dimensions : 12" X 2.5" X 6.8"
power supply not included.


Pant Tilt Zoom Mount   Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Mount

Standard PTZ Control Indoor / Outdoor Joystick controlled, Auto panning and more... Call for latest pricing and availability

 Tripod PTZ ControlPTZ Tripod Package  

PTZ Tripod, Stand, Mount, Pole, Towers and more...




Motorized Pan/Tilt unit   $199.99

Supports cameras up to 6 lbs, + and -15deg. vertical tilt, + and -90deg. horz. sweep. 
Auto mode: allows fixed sweep
of +-30deg., +-60deg. or +-90deg.Manual control: allows pan & tilt using 
hand held remote 4 ft. cable/control unit.
Uses 4 “AA” cells or 6 VDC external
power supply auto pan tilt head 
with wired remote control

Allows you to move the camera up & down, right & left 
over a wired hand held remote control

  • Pulling Faces

  • Running Tags

  • Auto Tracking

  • Scripting

  • % change 

  • Agnes / Government

  • Hubble  / NASA

  • High Zoom optical Cameras

  • Video PC Telescopes

  • Weather cases

  • Highest Megapixel

Full line of IP Webcam - Remote PTZ

We have a complete line of IP cameras. Stand Alone - No PC required. Low cost PTZ  IP Cam's that plug directly into your router / network hub.

  • Stand alone PTZ Webcam $349.00 complete


  • Call today for your web enabled PTZ. World Readable !!!

Real-time video stabilization software and other useful image enhancing tools. 

Great with a PTZ. Clear up blurry pictures and Images. Sharpening Video Through Live Pixel processing and VIDEO Enhancement Software.   More useful links...

We also carry a full line of less expensive PTZ solutions. From PTZ tripods with standard 1000x Camcorders mounted on them. And yes  I do admit we've played with those Vanguard thingy's and there's just no comparison to a real Surveillance PTZ cam. The X10 Vanguard unit has not been redesigned at all since its introduction. Don't be fooled - We learned long ago if you want class & quality you have to pay for it. 

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