#JPEG2000 Algorithm compression

#The best picture quality for playback

#4 channel video 120(100)fps recording capability

#Triplex (Playback / Recording / Ethernet)

#Multi Language OSD

#Remote Controller

#USB(Device) port for firmware upgrade

#Easy PTZ camera control by front panel buttons

#Remote viewer for good picture quality through TCPIP

#VGA option available (Supporting TFT LCD Monitor)

COMPRESSION JPEG-2000 Algorithm 
Storage Capacity Up to 1 HDDs with no limitation in capacity 
CD-RW For Backup 
VGA 1CH (Supporting TFT LCD Monitor/ Option) 
Video Input 4CH 
Video Output Monitor / VCR 
Split Screen Full screen, Quad display 
Compressed Rate (Image size fixed) Basic 8/KB (720x240/NTSC, 720x288/PAL) each picture 
Normal 12/KB (720x240/NTSC, 720x288/PAL) each picture 
Enhanced 16/KB (720x240/NTSC, 720x288/PAL) each picture 
Fine 20/KB (720x240/NTSC, 720x288/PAL) each picture 
Super Fine 24/KB (720x240/NTSC, 720x288/PAL) each picture 
Recording Speed NTSC 60fps(720x240), 120fps(360x240), 

PAL 50fps(720x288), 100fps(360x288), 
Recording Resolution Full (720x240 / 720x288), Dual(360x240/ 360x288), 
Display(frame/sec) Real time for all channel 
Simplex/Duplex/Triplex Triplex (Playback / Recording / Ethernet) 
Zoom Available 
PIP Available 
Motion Detect Area division : 16x12 
Recording Mode Time, Motion, Schedule, Alarm 
Search Mode Percentage Search, Date/ Time Search, Event Search 
Password Protection Admin, Manager, User1~8 Allowed to access the system 
Alarm Input 4 Alarm ( NO/NC) 
Relay Output 1 (NO/NC) 
Backup CD-RW back-up, Download via IP Network, VCR 
IR Remote Controller Built-in 
Network Ethernet(TCP/IP), Remote viewer program included (save on pc or print picture by picture in jpeg format or in AVI format) 
Firmware upgrade USB port for firmware upgrade 
Operation Temperature 41 ~ 104 degree Fahrenheit ( 5 ~ 40 degree Centigrade ) 
Operation Humidity Less than 90% 
Dimension 436mm(W) x 360mm(D) x 60mm(H) 
Gross Weight Approx 6.3 kgs (w/o HDD) 
Power Supply DC Adapter(12V DC 5A)


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